MYgrant Metamorphosis

MYgrant Metamorphosis – Professionalization of Youth Workers. Integration of Migrants through Multi-Medial & Art-based Learning


September 2018 | August 2021


It is said, that Europe is undergoing the so called “migration crisis”; more and more people come to EU countries searching for a better future. Now that we can observe tensions resulting from the flow of people coming to EU countries, it is crucial for youth work, as Agenda 2020 states, to enable people living together in diverse societies, including “preventing discrimination on any ground”.

The core idea that underpins the project proposal is to create for youth workers a supportive environment for work (with a low threshold) in favor of social inclusion of young people with migrant background and reinforce their role as (European) citizens. This will be achieved through providing them and youth organizations with the set of methods and tools supporting youth workers’ in their professional activities on developing and improving migrants’ basic soft skills, taking initiative and extracting their potential by using art as a driver for education and integration.


The main target group are youth organizations and youth workers dealing with young people with migrant background. Participants will be selected from among the regular staff of partner organizations, collaborators or volunteers. They will be selected on the basis of set criteria by organization’s management.

The project focuses on shaping their competencies in work with migrant youth. Increase of YW knowledge and skills will influence young migrants, who form the second main target group.


The project  is framed into four main activities:

  1. MYgrant mediART – Multi-Medial & Artistic Methodologies for Youth Work with Migrants – An e-book
  2. On-line Learning – Digital library of methodologies and tools to support youth workers in workshops delivery
  3. MYgrant JOURNEY – Intercultural Citizenships – A board game
  4. MYgrant EVENT – How to organize my own event? – Guide for Event Management

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Photo & Video report

Second Meeting

March 25/26 2019 Sliema (Malta)




First Meeting

October 16/17 2018 Münster (Germany)




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